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Hello and welcome to my little article collection... Here you will find lots of interesting and useful information for students living in L.A.!

For those students, who are not from the LA area, I collected my top 10 places to visit in LA.

Students do a lot of travelling, so I summed up a few travel tips for students as well as the popular sprink break destinations. But when travelling, you should always consider buying a travel insurance.

To take some pictures on your adventure, you shouldn't forget your digital camera. And never forget backing up your data - you wouldn't want to lose all your pics, would you?!

In your free time, you might want to join a biking club in LA - read more about that in The Big Bike Scene in LA. Or you might want to find a new girl or boy friend? Then maybe you should try an Online Dating Site. For the wine lovers of you, buying wine online might also be an interesting topic.

As students do always have a lack of money, you should read about personal loans and mortgages. Finally, the law students might be interested in my article about Asbestos Lawyers.