What an answering service can offer you


In these days of internet sales and trading it could be quite easy for independent or small businesses to forget that without a high quality Answering Service - you could be losing money! Especially in these times of economic recession, making for such a tough business environment, it’s a tough call between having someone permanently available to deal with phone calls - or having another person being directly productive in the goods or services you deal in. To solve this conundrum a telephone answering service might just be the solution.

Independent business people and telephone answering services.

For any independent business person being able to take a phone call isn’t always possible and having a telephone answering service could be truly invaluable to you. Imagine what it must be like for a freelance journalist, working on his or her own, covering all the angles for a story and always seeming to have a queue of calls waiting or missed on the phone; quite apart from the hundreds of other things to do. Or, imagine if you were an independent financial consultant, looking at all the investment and savings options for your clients. Sometimes, when the phone rings, you just can’t leave off the task you’re involved in to answer it. If you’re lucky they’ll leave a message about what they want, with all the correct details you need to get back to them or help them; if you’re really lucky they might just try your website instead - or, more likely, you could simply have to say goodbye to their business! Some independent business people actually deliberately don’t answer the phone when they’re working, preferring to deal with all their phone messages in one go before finishing work for the day. This can create problems in itself; that would all be easily avoided by using an answering service. At the end of the day you’re tired and mistakes can easily be made; not dialing back the correct number, accidently deleting messages, being tired talking over the phone or presenting a poor business image due to your tiredness … the list goes on. Regardless of the business you’re in a professional telephone answering service will; remove the risk of you missing a call, incorrectly recording details from a phone call or even, worse, not presenting yourself as a true professional when speaking on the phone. A top quality Telephone Answering Service will be able to dedicate members of their staff to deal with calls to your company who either already know, or can quickly learn, about your business. That way you can be confident that the answering service isn’t just there for you 24/7 - but will also deal with your customers and clients to the very highest professional standards.

Telephone etiquette - will someone please pick up that phone?

Of course, all of the points made above as to why an independent business person would be advised to use a telephone answering service can also be applied to any small business, without their own dedicated phone call answering staff. If you have your own dedicated phone staff they will have been trained in telephone etiquette and have a great ‘telephone manner’. However, we’ve all done it at some time; the phone’s ringing and no one seems to be able to pick it up - everyone’s busy working; and worse the person who should answer the phone is off sick. What happens next - the cry goes up “will someone please pick up that phone”? A soon as the words are said it’s realized that the person picking up the phone is, well let’s say not the person with the best phone voice/manner - and is more likely to annoy the caller than help them. In an instance like this having an answering service as back-up to your normal staff could be invaluable. Ensuring that all phone calls, all of the time, get the same level of corporate and courteous service. If this scenario is an issue for your business, you should find out more about what one of the better telephone answering services could do for you as extra coverage for dealing with phone calls.

Answering services and international trading.

Depending on the services or goods that you do business in, you may well deal with international customers and clients. Indeed, as markets and opportunities decline in the USA, it could well be that you’re already looking to see how you can branch out into or develop an international aspect to your business. Using a 24 hour telephone answering service can only help to impress clients or potential clients abroad as to how professional your business is. International clients being able to talk directly to someone at your answering service, any time of the day or night, even if to just record their details for you to call back - will be impressed and will believe that you truly have the capability to deal with them internationally.