The creative sub-conscious and playing online Poker


There are all sorts of ways that you can bet and gamble online. Many ‘thinking’ people particularly enjoy playing online poker and gambling on the likely outcome of the game. Whilst there is an element of chance in the game of Poker, in terms of the cards you are dealt, the fact that even having been dealt a poor hand of cards you can still win - means that Poker is also classed as a game of skill. That doesn’t mean to say that you need to be clever to play Poker, but you do need to have confidence in the decisions you make. Thus, when playing Poker in a face-to-face or an online game are you confident and do you have your mental faculties sharp and focused?

The creative sub-conscious mind.

Consider this scenario; you’re going out to a local Casino to play Poker and you’ve been working all day. No matter whether you’re a bank manager or a garbage collector - would you go straight from work to the Casino? Or would you first go home, freshen up and get changed? The majority of people will actually go home, freshen up and get changed, before going to the Casino. The reason for this is that the act ‘changing’ works on the creative sub-conscious. Basically our minds can work at a conscious level - our immediate awareness and a sub-conscious level. The sub-conscious level is the store of all the information we hold, but don’t currently need to use. Within the sub-conscious is our creative sub-conscious, which is the bit of our minds that in effect makes us the person we are. Or, put another way, the creative sub-conscious gives us our self-perceptions of ourselves. Hopefully you can already see where this is going? If you walk into a Casino straight from work, you’ll also have the self-perception, or persona, of the person you are at work. Now ask yourself - will that be conducive to playing Poker?

Use your creative sub-conscious mind when playing online Poker.

Bearing in mind what’s just been said above, most people will play online Poker at home. Who do you think will have the better self-perception of themselves when playing Poker online - someone who rolls out of bed and starts playing in their pajamas or night-dress; or someone who in some way changes themselves to denote the change in activity? Now I’m not suggesting you need to sit there in a tuxedo or ball-gown playing online Poker; but by either freshening up or changing your appearance you will change your self-perception from one persona to another, which in this case would mean changing your self-perception into that of a Poker player. With Poker being a game in which having confidence in yourself and your decisions is important, having positive self-perceptions is essential to fostering that sense of confidence. If in your sub-conscious you think - I can’t be bothered to change etc, that attitude will find its way into your game. On the other hand, by freshening up or getting changed your mental self-perception will be a positive one of someone ready to play Poker.

Self-perceptions and Poker playing.

It’s a fact that we can train our sub-conscious to eliminate negative self-perceptions and replace them with positive ones; a great way to do this is to make positive affirmations. For example, I know if I stand in front of a mirror and tell myself “I am a confident Poker player” and repeat it over and over daily, over a period of time I will play Poker with more confidence. I’ll have lost at least some of that self-doubt about my own confidence when playing online Poker. If you like I’ll convince myself I’m a confident Poker player, then when I do play Poker I’ll be more relaxed and thereby more able to enjoy and cope with the situation. I will have changed my self-perception in my creative sub-conscience, from one of not being able to do something to being entirely comfortable with it. Making positive affirmations can be even more powerful if you write them down and read them several times a day.


Please be aware that positive affirmations and altering your creative sub-conscious will help you enjoy your Poker playing, but they’re not put forward as a possible way of making you into a great Poker player. If you’d like to know more about your creative sub-conscious and positive affirmations, the science behind them is Gestalt psychology and therapies.