Is Travel Insurance necessary?

Students and Travel

Traveling is one of the best things you can do to relax and expand your horizons at the same.  Depending on your circumstances, you can take advantage of being a student and travel to your heart’s content.  For some, traveling is the default choice when it comes to school vacation time.  For others, they wait till the end of schooling and go on a long trip before they enter the “real world.”

We all travel for different reasons as well.  I would say that one big reason that most people have is to simply enjoy what different destinations have to offer.  Many like going to tropical countries to enjoy the beaches and the warm sun.  Others like going to cultural hubs of the world to experience first hand different ways of life.  Still others go to the less fortunate places to offer their services to the inhabitants of those places.

Whatever your reason and timing may be for traveling, the fact remains that student travel is one of the most engaging and worthwhile activities that you can do.

Travel Insurance

As with most things in life, we are exposed to a certain amount of risk when we travel.  That is a given and there is nothing that we can do about that.  That is why we have travel insurance.  Now, whether a person is a student or a professional, travel insurance can apply.  For students, however, there may be certain differences from the travel insurance policies for other groups of people.

When going on a trip, especially to unfamiliar destinations, having a travel insurance policy may spell the difference between being able to enjoy your vacation and a disaster.  What can travel insurance do for you?

In these uncertain times, it can do a lot.  Different student travel insurance policies would have different coverage and other details.  In general, though, student travel insurance policies cover medical and accidental issues.  They also cover incidents relating to trip cancellations or delays as well as baggage loss

It is also worthwhile to note that the coverage of different student travel insurance policies may vary depending on your location at the time the incident happens.  It may be that certain coverage may not be applicable to specific countries.  That is why you have to do extensive research before taking out a student travel insurance policy.

Why You Should Consider Travel Insurance

I have heard this argument so many times before:  why would I want to spend extra dollars on a student travel insurance policy that, in all probability, I would never benefit from?  Many friends of mine have told me time and again that taking out a student travel insurance policy is just a waste of money and the chances of me needing it during a trip are nil.

They have a point, they really do.  Yet I do know that I would rather be safe than sorry.  I have heard so many stories of how people didn’t have travel insurance and how they have lost a lot of money because of that.  I would rather spend a little extra and have the peace of mind that in case something happens, I got my back covered.

I do realize though, that you should take into consideration some factors in determining whether or not you should take out travel insurance.  For example, if you are going to a relatively safe country and you are only staying for a couple of days or so, then it may be alright not to take out travel insurance.  On the other hand, if you are going to a relatively unsafe country with a higher than average crime rate, then you should take out travel insurance.  The same thing goes if you know that your destination has a record for delayed flights and similar issues.  More so, if you are traveling for months then it would make even more sense to take out travel insurance.  Of course, the chances of you running into a glitch or two are higher the longer you are out on the road.  Do you see where I am getting at?  It is basically a balancing act between your needs and the expense of taking out travel insurance.